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Three different samples for you

To get a real sense of the additive look, work and feel of the sample parts produced on our freeformers, why not allow us to send you your very own "showpieces"? You can choose three different samples. Simply make a selection from the images, add your customer data to the form and submit your order. Your original component will be with you in just a few days.

2-component finger made from PC/ABS and TPE (70 Shore A)

The 2-component finger is a resilient, UV-stable two-component part in hard/soft combination. Manufactured with water-soluble support material.
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Filter element made from TPE (32 Shore A)

The freeformer turned TPE (Medalist MD 12130H) with Shore A hardness 32 into components with a flexible honeycomb structure which could be used in lightweight construction or as filter elements, for example.
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Cable clip made from PP (Adsyl)

Standard PP and the associated support material armat 12 can be used for the additive manufacturing of functional cable clips with delicate structures and click effect.
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