Fakuma 2014: Our application highlights

From micro-counter wheel to ready-to-use cutlery

Our modular ALLROUNDERs can be precisely configured for any application. At the Fakuma 2014, we present a wide range – from the new micro-injection unit and automated mass-production through to a high-speed packaging application and LSR production under clean-room conditions.

New micro-injection unit in Euromap size 5
A production cell built around an electric ALLROUNDER 270 A produces micro-counter wheels weighing only 0.03 g with a micro-injection unit in Euromap size 5. The newly developed micro-injection unit combines an 8 or 15-mm screw for melting standard granulate with an 8-mm screw for injection.
Information on exhibit (PDF - 0.4 MB)

Automated mass-production
An electric ALLROUNDER 820 A with a clamping force of 4,000 kN and a size 2100 electric injection unit demonstrates a high-speed application for mass-produced items. In a cycle time of around 5.5 s, it produces 24 knives and forks, which are automatically removed, set down and packaged "ready to use". The output amounts to 31,500 moulded parts per hour.
Information on exhibit (PDF - 0.5 MB)

Innovative IML application
A high-speed packaging application is demonstrated on a hybrid ALLROUNDER 520 H in the Packaging version using the example of SKET® yoghurt tubs. The special geometry with spiral-shaped flow aids enables very low wall thicknesses of less than 0.3 mm and a 0.7-mm sealing edge.
Information on exhibit (PDF - 0.4 MB)

LSR processing in a clean environment
An electric ALLROUNDER 470 A processes LSR under clean-room conditions. The machine, which is quipped with a clean air module with ionisation (class ISO 3), produces a bellows for medical device. The component is produced flash-free in a 4-cavity mould from Rico with a slide and open cold runner technology using direct injection.
Information on exhibit (PDF - 0.4 MB)