More space, modularity and convenience

Presenting ALLROUNDER MORE! The new series for production-efficient, multi-component injection moulding. The machines offer increased space for larger moulds, more modularity in assembly, as well as numerous optimised features for greater ease of use and simple maintenance.

More Modularity!
All ALLROUNDER MORE machines feature a highly dynamic electric toggle-type clamping unit with energy-efficient liquid-cooled servo motors as standard. At start of production, the machine feature two electric injection units and a 1600 kN clamping force. In the future, it will be possible to select the injection positions on a modular basis.

Increased Space!
Need more free space? Then the ALLROUNDER MORE machines are perfect for you! They have significantly more space for moulds, rotary units, media connections and usable ejector stroke. Features such as extended tie-bars and an enlarged mould plate make it easier for you to access the mould area.

Greater Ease of Use!
Are simple maintenance and ease of use important factors for you? We’ve got it covered. The media couplings for the electrics, water and hydraulics are pluggable and the cylinder module can be changed with a few simple steps. The vertical injection unit can be conveniently positioned on a frame and set down on the floor and can be transported separately from the machine if necessary. The material feed is located outside the mould area to avoid contaminating the mould area with granules. Hose guides optimise the hose layout and prevent potential chafing marks.

And Even More Besides!
Looking for a specific solution? We are here to help. Our new ALLROUNDER MORE machines offer more flexibility for precise configuration and more efficiency when manufacturing high-quality plastic parts using various materials or colours. Take a look at our video and see for yourself.