ARBURG Singapore Seminar on Effective Production

LSR, Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing

On 21st September 2018, ARBURG Singapore, in collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic, organized a sharing session to interested participants from several industries. The main focus was on effective production for liquid silicon rubber (LSR), Industry 4.0 and the freeformer.

Great response from the industry
More than 150 participants from the injection moulding industry, students and staff from Nanyang Polytechnic attended the seminar. During the seminar technical problems during the production process of LSR were thoroughly explained including cold runner selection and how to utilize the monitoring function on the injection moulding machine. Seminar attendees were satisfied with the solutions given by the speakers. In addition, all the participants were interested in the product samples displayed from the LSR process and freeformer. It was a great pleasure to have distinguished guest speakers from ARBURG Taiwan and related partners from 2KM and Wacker to share their knowledge in seminar discussion.

Discussion on Industry 4.0 and freeformer
Ms. Wei Yen Lim, Manager Additive Manufacturing of ARBURG, shared different types of real applications for the freeformer, for example medical implants, electric conductive material and gear components. The fact that users can utilize standard granulate materials to print their prototype parts really impressed the attendees. Additionally, participants were interested in understanding the Industry 4.0 concept and how it will benefit the injection moulding production floor. They also discussed the challenges faced on the connectivity of different types of machines.