Cube-mould machines for high productivity

The new ALLROUNDER CUBE series injection moulding machines are optimised for high-speed applications with cube-mould technology. The two-component machines are available in the machine sizes CUBE 2900 and CUBE 4600 and provide clamping forces of up to 4,600 kN at a distance between tie-bars of up to 1,020 mm.

Large and fast
Our ALLROUNDER CUBE machines feature a maximum mould installation height of 2,400 mm and a maximum platen daylight of 3,300 mm for optimal adaptation to cube-mould technology. Moulds weighing up to 16 t can be used. Compared to hydraulic machines, output can be increased by up to 10% with 45% less energy requirement.
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Brochure: ALLROUNDER CUBE (PDF - 0.6 MB)