ARBURG at the K 2016

Highlights and impressions

ARBURG's stand "13A13" really pulled in the crowds at the K 2016. The focus of interest was on innovative applications, the topic of Industry 4.0, the freeformer and new features in injection moulding technology – primarily the ALLROUNDER 1120 H with a clamping force of 6,500 kN, GESTICA control system and a new design.

Major world premiere: ALLROUNDER 1120 H

For the K 2016, we have pulled off a unique "triple coup" and expanded our portfolio: the hybrid ALLROUNDER 1120 H with a clamping force of 6,500 kN is now the largest injection moulding machine, which also features a new design and the new GESTICA control system.
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  • Extended: ALLROUNDER range now offers clamping forces up to 6,500 kN
  • High performance: speed of electric technology combined with hydraulic power and dynamics
  • Visionary: modern design simplifies work sequences and machine set-up
  • Innovative: "smart" GESTICA control system with full HD screen ensures easy, safe and fast operation
  • Multilift V 40: New linear robotic system with 40 kg load

Industry 4.0: "Smart" luggage tag

ARBURG presented a new, pioneering 4.0 application at the K 2016: "smart" luggage tags personalised using the principle of spatially distributed production. Visitors to the trade fair could experience at first hand the networked production of these individualised products through the combination of an ALLROUNDER 375 V and a freeformer at various points on stand "13A13".
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  • Mass customisation: individualisation of high-volume parts on a customer-specific basis
  • "Smart" product: an integrated chip stores customer- and production-specific data
  • Flexible, decentralised production: the component itself controls the manufacturing process
  • 100 percent traceability: the host computer system archives production data on product-specific websites in the cloud
  • Added data-supported value: the contact data can be used at any time on mobile devices and for online actions

New cube-mould machines: ALLROUNDER CUBE

The ALLROUNDER CUBE was presented for the first time at the K 2016. The cube mould machine is designed for high-speed applications and is available with clamping forces of 2,900 and 4,600 kN. An ALLROUNDER CUBE 2900 with innovative FOBOHA cube mould technology was shown.
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  • Fast servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit with generous mould installation space
  • Servo-electric dosage across cycles
  • Dynamic hydraulic or electric injection
  • Second injection unit above the moving mounting platen
  • Free programming of all mould functions via SELOGICA control system


Precise, high-performance, energy efficient: the GOLDEN ELECTRIC machine series offers standardised, high quality technology at an excellent price. The new electric ALLROUNDER machines are available in four sizes with clamping forces from 600 to 2,000 kN.
Download the "GOLDEN ELECTRIC" brochure (PDF - 0,8 MB)
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  • Standardised: four machines sizes for cost-effective entry-level electric injection moulding production
  • High performance: double five-point toggle for fast cycles
  • Precise: position-regulated screw and play-free spindle drives
  • Efficient: energy requirements reduced by up to 55%

Lightweight construction with ProFoam: ALLROUNDER 630 S

Using the ProFoam physical foaming technique, a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 630 S produced a structured cover for a car interior. With the aid of dynamic mould temperature control, a high-gloss surface was produced. Process-specific component design results in weight savings of up to 24%.
Download the "Moulding lightweight parts" brochure (PDF - 1,6 MB)
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  • New: 5-litre granulate lock
  • Process-specific component design for up to 24% weight savings
  • Fewer sink holes, less shrinkage and distortion
  • Wall thicknesses can be reduced through foaming technology
  • Plasticising unit with standard three-zone screw
  • Process also suitable for fibre-reinforced materials

LSR/LSR processing: ALLROUNDER 570 A

System built around an electric two-component ALLROUNDER 570 A used. Within the injection moulding cycle, two wristwatches were produced in 75 seconds from two types of liquid silicone, including assembly of the housing.
Download the "Silicone injection moulding" brochure (PDF - 1,9 MB)
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  • Material mix simplifies production processes
  • Direct injection with an extended cold-runner nozzle for flash and waste-free operation
  • Automated assembly for "ready-to-use" production

Medical technology: ALLROUNDER 470 A

An electric ALLROUNDER 470 A in a clean room version used a 2+2-cavity stack mould to produce around 4,500 two-piece Petri dishes per hour. These were directly assembled and stacked by a compact conveyor system.
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  • Efficient manufacture of high-volume medical technology products - more than 16 million parts per year
  • Machine, mould and peripherals are perfectly matched
  • Stack mould combined with conveyor system
  • Cost-efficient, compact and productive solution without removal
  • Small footprint is ideal for installation in a clean room setting

Additive manufacturing: freeformer

Three exhibits demonstrated the current state of art in this technology: one freeformer was integrated in the Industry 4.0 "smart luggage tag" application, while a second processed the high temperature PEI to produce spacers in small batches. The third exhibit used a continuous additive process that operated throughout the entire trade fair to produce a toggle model (1:16) from around 100 million droplets.
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  • Process reliability: freeformer additively manufactures functional parts in continuous operation
  • Material variety: open system enables material variety with qualified standard granulates
  • Complexity: water-soluble support structures allow complex geometries to be achieved

Remote maintenance: ALLROUNDER 270 S

Premium service is an important factor for increasing machine availability. The new remote maintenance tool from ARBURG facilitates fast, efficient and reliable online support. This was presented at the K 2016 on an ALLROUNDER 270 S equipped with a service router and integrated firewall.
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  • Remote access "at the press of a button": active enablement by operator on site
  • Data security: secure and encrypted connection
  • Online support: rapid diagnosis by ARBURG experts
  • Cost efficiency: increased machine availability