Fast sprue removal

The following applies to our vertical pickers: they permit inexpensive entry into the world of automated removal and bring flexibility to your production through numerous options. Their compact design enables unimpeded mould installation. Intervention times for sprue removal effectively remain short.

The servo-electric INTEGRALPICKER V enters the mould rapidly in a vertical movement. Thanks to its three servo-electric axes, the picker operates in a fast and precise manner. Simultaneous, freely-programmable machine movements, high dynamics, repeat accuracy and energy efficiency are the benefits here. For a performance comparison, an electric INTEGRALPICKER V is used in the production of chip holders, and is also operated as a pneumatic system as a reference. The result: with a cycle time of 15.55 seconds, the electric picker operates approx. 9% faster than in pneumatic mode, which corresponds to an annual productivity increase of 93,782 parts.


  • Significantly shorter access times compared to pneumatic pickers
  • Dynamic entry axis with acceleration up to 20 m/s²
  • Simultaneous, stroke-dependent movements with high repeat accuracy
  • Easy mould installation from above
  • Short set-up times thanks to teach-in function
  • Retrofittable alternative: stand-alone device with external machine controller

Application examples

Ball point pen clips
An electric ALLROUNDER 470 E with a clamping force of 1,000 kN and a 24-cavity mould produces ball point pen clips weighing 1.15 g from ABS in a cycle time of 22 seconds. An electric INTEGRALPICKER V removes the sprues. The device can be programmed using the SELOGICA control system, shortening set-up times.