Linear robotic systems

Our modular linear robotic systems are characterised by a high degree of adaptability. You can rely on a wide range of products with practical equipment options in terms of sizes, axes, axial drives and lengths, as well as different designs and special versions.

The MULTILFT SELECT general purpose model uses machine-specific preconfigured technology. The MULTILIFT H enters the mould horizontally, making it ideal for low-ceiling factories. The vertical MULTILIFT V impresses with its large operating zone. Extensive interfaces for gripper and peripherals enable you to tailor automation to meet your individual requirements.


  • One contact person: Compete, CE-certified production units from a single source
  • One control system: the same approach is common to all machines and robotic systems, so that they can be programmed intuitively using graphical symbols
  • Extended real-time communication: greater functionality, synchronised processes and high-speed cycles
  • Practical assistance functions: easy set-up and quick start-up
  • Wide range of applications: A wide variety of construction methods and special designs are possible, e.g. removal to the operator side or linking multiple machines

Application examples

Rotary encoder
All operations are combined in a single process. The highly-flexible MULTILIFT V robotic system in a longitudinal design enables vertical removal, even with the injection unit arranged in the parting line. It also performs insertion of the sensor, transfer of the magnetic disc in the mould and final assembly.
to the moulded part

Intermediate lever
The vertically-operating MULTILIFT V robotic system gently removes the sensitive green compacts and sets them down on debinding trays. The three servo-electric axes of the linear robotic system can be synchronised with the machine movements.
to the moulded part

LED lens
ARBURG participates in the OptiLight research project for the energy-efficient production of innovative hybrid lenses for LED streetlights. For gentle removal of the lenses, the production cell is equipped with a vertically operating MULTILIFT V.
to the moulded part

Micro counter wheel
Dynamic injection using a position-regulated screw, for example, ensures the required precision and compliance with tolerances in the micron range. An electric ALLROUNDER 270 A injection moulding machine is used with a size 5 micro-injection unit. Part handling is via a horizontally-operating MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system.
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