Thermoset injection moulding

Granular thermosets and moist polyester (BMC) are the perfect materials for “extreme situations”, e.g. in a car engine compartment, thanks to characteristics such as high mechanical strength and rigidity. We can also provide special injection moulding technology for the problem-free processing of such special plastics.

We can offer you an efficient combination of reliable hydraulic and vertical ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines and a practical thermoset package for thermoset injection moulding. This system solution includes all the equipment required for the immediate series production of high-quality moulded parts.


  • Highly wear-resistant cylinder modules with exact liquid temperature control and special screw geometries ensure processing suited to the specific material
  • Gentle BMC feed with various INJESTER feeder devices
  • Short sprues with temperature-controlled cold runner radius nozzles with an entry depth of up to 100 mm
  • As standard: machine controller functional upgrades for venting and injection compression moulding, plus six adaptive mold heating circuits
  • Customised hydraulic and vertical ALLROUNDERs, e.g. for the overmoulding of inserts


Application examples

Insulation rail
Heat resistant insulating rails for domestic irons are produced on a hydraulic injection moulding machine. Fibrous BMC is fed, optimally pre-compressed, by means of the INJESTER screw feeder device. A six-axis robotic system processes the external contours.
to the moulded part

A piston made from granular thermoset replaces metal in car clutches. It can be produced cost effectively using a hydraulic ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine. A MULTILIFT V robotic system travels to downstream stations, e.g. for flash removal and chamfering.

Switch casing
A BMC switch casing is produced using a precisely temperature-controlled, highly wear-resistant cylinder module with compression-free screw. A temperature-controlled cold channel radius nozzle permits short sprues and an associated reduction in waste of up to 90%.