Vertical machines

Inserts can be ergonomically overmoulded with our vertical ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines. You can choose from the most extensive range of machines available in the industry, from the comprehensive spectrum of different ALLROUNDERs through to automated machine concepts and customer-specific special solutions.

The technology of our vertical ALLROUNDERs can be matched precisely to your specific injection moulding tasks, while still maintaining maximum ergonomic efficiency. A wide range of clamping forces, flexible vertical and horizontal injection units, as well as task-specific equipment packages are available, for example for thermoset or silicone processing.


  • Ergonomic operations thanks to wide range of different clamping systems
  • Short cycle times and high productivity thanks to machine versions with various rotary tables and sliding tables
  • Servo-electric rotary tables for precise and reliable processing of delicate inserts
  • Simple integration into automated production lines
  • Particularly space-saving, compact design


Direct plausibility checks
The plausibility check is a unique selling point for the SELOGICA control system and provides direct support during sequence programming of your ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines. Your entries are directly checked for completeness and the logical positioning for the relevant process step is always displayed.
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Application examples

Cable grommet
The versatile six-axis robotic systems offer perfection in motion, enabling you to reliably perform even complex tasks – as demonstrated most impressively by the fully automated overmoulding of cables: the flexible parts are individually pre-assembled and inserted into several cavities in different positions.
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Leadframes can be overmoulded with plastic using the reel-to-reel process. For the production of clips, a vertical ALLROUNDER 275 V is equipped with a combination mould, which separates the finished parts from the carrier strip. The process impresses with short cycle times and uninterrupted high quality.
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Fuel tank strainer
A vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V shows how fuel tank strainers can be produced in small batch volumes cost-effectively and to high quality standards by integrating manual operations and using innovative working methods. A total of seven production steps take place within a total cycle time of 50 seconds.
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Controller housing
A complex production cell takes over production of a urea sensor. The ALLROUNDER 1200 T rotary table machine enables the simultaneous removal and insertion during injection moulding. A Scara robot provides 14 delicate pins, which are overmoulded in the mould.
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Football boot sole
Modern football boots are made almost entirely from plastic. Their high-end functional components influence e.g. the speed and shooting technique of the footballer. With this product, short product life cycles require future-proof know-how and a high level of flexibility in production.
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