Hydraulic machines

Our hydraulic ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be individually adapted for operation in conjunction with all familiar injection moulding techniques. The range extends from the GOLDEN EDITION general purpose machine series to the custom-adaptable ALLROUNDER S machines.

What makes the hydraulic ALLROUNDERs standout products is not only the wide range of sizes they are available in, but also the extensive selection of peripheral equipment that can be integrated conveniently using the machine controller, which is compatible with the whole series. Our hydraulic machines are the ideal choice for completing specific tasks with consistently reliable, reproducible results – time and time again.


  • A clamping force range between 125 and 5,000 kN
  • GOLDEN EDITION: Comprehensively standardised general purpose model at an unbeatable price
  • ALLROUNDER S: A wide variety of equipment alternatives - precisely tailored to all injection moulding processes
  • ALLROUNDER 270 S compact: machine that can be configured online - direct ordering via "arburgXworld” customer portal
  • aXw Control ScrewPilot: high level of reproducibility during injection moulding
  • Energy-efficient drives: ARBURG servo-hydraulic system (ASH) and energy saving system (AES)


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ARBURG Energy-saving system (AES)
The ARBURG energy saving system (AES) enables the drive power to be adapted for cost-effective operation. A frequency converter continuously adjusts the speed of the electric motor to the actual power required. The advantages are lower energy consumption, less noise and machine wear.
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ARBURG servo-hydraulic system (ASH)
The ARBURG servo-hydraulic system (ASH) permits particularly energy-efficient and low-emission operation of hydraulic injection moulding machines. With a speed-controlled, water-cooled servo motor, the drive system adjusts continuously to the actual power requirement.
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Application examples

Valve actuation system housing
For overmoulding the housings for the Valvetronic VVT3 valve actuation system, ARBURG has designed a fully automated injection moulding system, which is managed centrally via the SELOGICA control system. Use of the finished product in the engine compartment places the most stringent demands on the production process.
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Housing cover
As a main contractor, ARBURG has, jointly with its partner Sonderhoff, developed the inline MOLD’n SEAL process, which combines injection moulding with subsequent PUR foaming. This allows you to save time, costs and space, as well as significantly increasing your production efficiency.
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Three into one: a magnetic disc, carrier plate and protective cap are moulded into a functional rotary encoder using the three-component process. The innovative mould concept and the complex automation solution dispense with joining techniques and downstream assembly.
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Insulation rail
Heat resistant insulating rails for domestic irons are produced on a hydraulic injection moulding machine. Fibrous BMC is fed, optimally pre-compressed, by means of the INJESTER screw feeder device. A six-axis robotic system processes the external contours.
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