We support you with a variety of technical components in order to achieve efficient production processes that extend far beyond the machine itself. The range extends from material preparation and help with machine and mould-related movements, through to simplified documentation of ALLROUNDER data.

Granulate dryers and conveyors

The THERMOLIFT combines the advantages of a drying and conveying system for plastic granulates in a compact unit located close to the machine. Two ALLROUNDERs can be fed from a single THERMOLIFT. This enables optimum preparation of a variety of materials for your production.


  • Fast, high-quality convection drying
  • Optimum adaptation of drying and material thanks to fresh air and recycled air options
  • Processing of hygroscopic plastics in dry air mode with additional silica gel rotor module
  • Choice of pressure or vacuum conveying, adapted to the material properties
  • Easy operation and reliable integration into the production sequence of the machine controller

Product information - THERMOLIFT 100-2 (PDF - 1,3 MB)
Basic information - products and services (PDF - 2,6 MB)
today customer magazine 33, p. 19 "drying assures quality" (PDF - 4,2 MB)

Unscrewing units

Our unscrewing units are your indispensable helpers for the precise demoulding of threads in injection moulded parts. Screwing and unscrewing units are available in either hydraulic or electric versions, either time-or stroke-controlled and always with a fixed stop. The units can be mounted either directly on the machine or on the mould.


  • Universal use for external and internal threads
  • Convenient operation of many functions via the machine controller
  • Variable, thanks to numerous screwing versions

Quick-connect system

If you want to change your standard moulds with little effort, you will need our mechanical quick connect system. Two guide rails, each with four threaded clamps on the fixed and moving mounting platen, enable you to position the two halves of the mould quickly, easily and precisely.


  • Protective mould use thanks to precise centring
  • Significantly shorter set-up times – roll-in support for mould changes “on the fly”
  • Can be used on ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines with distances of up to 570 mm x 570 mm between tie bars

Print converters

Our two print converters make it easy to archive the production data from our ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines with USB printers or on USB sticks. This means that you have all the most important parameters available centrally, either as a printout or as USB data. This makes storage or further processing child’s play.


  • Simple connection via the existing ALLROUNDER printer port
  • Also compatible with older ARBURG machine control systems
  • Replacement of serial or parallel printers with modern standard USB printers
  • Convenient, continuous backup of machine data with the option of flexible further processing

Hinged rotary and indexing units

In multi-component injection moulding, our hydraulic or electric rotary units and indexing units automatically transfer the pre-moulded parts to the next station. For this purpose, they are either mounted on the moving mounting platen or, in the case of index rotation, integrated in the mounting platen.


  • Rotary units can be retrofitted with ease and can be used universally for several moulds
  • Precise: electric rotation with simultaneously short cycle times - either alternately or continuously on up to four stations
  • Infinitely-adjustable angle of rotation and speed
  • Large mould installation space and opening stroke thanks to electric index rotation
  • Full integration into the machine controller

Application information multi-component injection moulding (PDF - 3,0 MB)

Interval units

Our interval unit enables you to link a horizontal injection unit with a vertical one. This special machine equipment provides you with the option of interval injection moulding and sandwich injection moulding. The interval units are mounted on the fixed mounting platen.


  • Universal use on several moulds
  • Easily retrofittable
  • High process reliability thanks to thermal coupling of the melt flows until immediately upstream of the gate