Technical plastics terms

ABSAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene (thermoplastic)
BMCBulk Moulding Compound (moist polyester)
CIMCeramic injection moulding
EPPExpanded polypropylene (foamed)
EPSExpanded polystyrene (foamed)
EUROMAPEuropean union of Machinery Manufacturers for the Plastics and Rubber Industries
Exjection®Injection moulding process for the production of long structured components
FeedstockPowder/binder mixture (for PIM injection moulding process)
FIPFGFormed in place foam gasket
FITFluid injection technology (injection moulding technology)
GF (35)Glass-fibre reinforced (35 %)
GITGas assisted injection technology (injection moulding technology)
HTVSolid silicone
IMLIn-mould labelling (injection moulding technology)
InkBOTInline digital printing process
LSRLiquid silicone
MABSMethylmethacrylate acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (amorphous thermoplastic)
MIMMetal powder injection moulding
MOLD'nSEALInjection moulding process combined with PUR foaming
MuCell®Injection moulding process for the production of micro-foams
PAPolyamide (nylon, thermoplastic)
PBTPolybuteneterephthalate (thermoplastic)
PCPolycarbonate (thermoplastic)
PCIMParticle-foam Composite Injection Moulding
PEPolyethylene (thermoplastic)
PEEKPolyether etherketone (semi-crystalline thermoplastic)
PIMPowder injection moulding
PMMAPolymethyl methacrylate (thermoplastic)
POMPolyoxymethylene (polyacetal)
PPPolypropylene (thermoplastic)
PSPolystyrene (thermoplastic)
PVCPolyvinyl chloride
reel-to-reelReel-to-reel overmoulding (injection moulding process)
SCFSupercritical fluid
TPEThermoplastic elastomer
WITWater injection technology (injection moulding technology)