ARBURG designations

Additive manufacturingManufacture of plastic parts without a mould 
AEDARBURG electro-mechanical dosage 
AEMActive Spare Parts Management 
AESARBURG energy-saving system 
ALLROUNDERModular injection moulding machines from ARBURG 
ALLDRIVEElectric injection moulding machine series from ARBURG 
ALSARBURG host computer system (production management tool) 
AMGARBURG Mobile GESTICA (mobile control panel) 
AMSARBURG Mobile SELOGICA (mobile control panel) 
APFARBURG Plastic Freeforming (patented additive manufacturing process) 
arburgGREENworldARBURG programme combining all its activities relating to the circular economy and resource conservation 
arburgXworld1. ARBURG programme covering all digital products and services
2. ARBURG customer portal
ARNOXARBURG No Oxidation (corrosion-protective surface treatment for ALLROUNDER tie bars) 
ARSARBURG Remote Service 
ASHARBURG servo hydraulic system 
ATCARBURG Technology Centre (training centre) 
ATCMARBURG Turnkey Control Module (SCADA system) 
aXwshort form of arburgXworld 
COPYLOGARBURG PC program for management of setting data 
CUBEInjection moulding machine series from ARBURG for cube mould applications 
FDCFibre direct compounding (process for directly feeding continuous glass fibre rovings to the melt) 
freeformerMachine for the patented AKF (ARBURG Plastic Freeforming) process 
GESTICAModern machine controller for ALLROUNDERs and freeformers with multi-touch screen - compatible with SELOGICA 
GOLDEN EDITIONGeneral purpose hydraulic injection moulding machines from ARBURG 
GOLDEN ELECTRICGeneral purpose electric injection moulding machines by ARBURG 
HIDRIVEHybrid injection moulding machine series from ARBURG 
INJESTERARBURG feeder device for high-viscosity and paste-like compounds 
INTEGRALPICKERServo-electric ARBURG robotic system for sprue removal 
MULTILIFT (H/V/SELECT)Linear ARBURG robotic systems (horizontally / vertically operating) 
PRSPosition-regulated screw (equipment for enhanced control accuracy in hydraulic injection moulding machines) 
SAFELOGARBURG PC program for personalising transponder cards 
SELOGICACentral control system for ARBURG injection moulding machines and peripherals 
THERMOLIFTGranulate driers and conveyors from ARBURG