Digital products and services

The arburgXworld customer portal is internationally available in 18 languages and offers many new features. In addition to the free basic version with key apps like our ServiceCenter and the Shop, there are fee-based expansions that offer users considerable added value. The entire range of digital products and services, which includes the numerous assistance functions, is bundled in our arburgXworld programme.

See the current status of our arburgXworld at the Technology Days 2020 and find out how we can support you on your path to digitalisation. Be inspired by our “smart” applications and receive expert advice in the areas of “Smart Machine”, “Smart Production” and “Smart Services”.
To arburgXworld


  • arburgXworld customer portal: self service, spare parts shop and much more
  • GESTICA: integrated filling assistant
  • Basic connectivity: standardised networking of ALLROUNDERs via IIoT gateway
  • ARS: time-saving remote service
  • ALS: digital production management


Brochure: arburgXworld (PDF - 2,7 MB)