Recycled plastics help you to conserve resources and protect the environment. Post-consumer recyclates (PCR) are obtained from end-consumer waste and post-industrial recyclates (PIR) from industrial production.

Benefits at a glance


Instead of using new material in plastic processing, recyclates are used to create "second life" products that can be used in a further life cycle.


The re-use of recycled plastic granules requires fewer raw materials and less energy. CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

Environmentally sound

A lot of waste is too valuable for thermal recovery or environmental waste. Why not produce high-quality products from recyclates instead with no noticeable loss in quality?

Secure supply

When resources are scarce, the use of recyclates offers greater security of supply. Those who recycle also conserve the natural resource base.


Recyclate package

Do you work with processed plastics? The ARBURG recyclate package consists of hardware and software. A modified cylinder module and wear-resistant screw is also suitable for poorly flowing and abrasive materials.

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Sample components

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