Host computer system (ALS)

Our modular production management tool sets standards in the area of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for injection moulding production. The ARBURG host computer system (ALS) enables you to plan and control all of production. This results in high product quality and short downtimes.

ALS is tailored to your needs and can grow as your production grows. Potential improvements can be easily identified, allowing you to carry out targeted production optimisation. You are able to obtain key data regarding ongoing orders, shifts and production quality at any time. Because the reliable data generated enables you to maximise capacity utilisation, you achieve high delivery reliability.


  • Transparency: central management of item, mould and material master data
  • Coordination: order progress, machine statuses, process parameters and alarms can be recorded online
  • Optimum utilisation: fine planning of machine capacity to the minute
  • Continuous acquisition of key data regarding ongoing orders, shifts and production quality
  • Individual machine integration: from simple connection via I/O modules through to standardised interfaces

Application examples

Creating transparency
From smartphone through to large flatscreen in production: with ALS, you can configure customised info screens – browser-based and completely platform-independent. Depending on location and purpose, any number of info screens can be configured, e.g. order-related as a production overview.

Coordinating maintenance
With ALS, you can document the maintenance history of machines, moulds and other equipment over the long-term and extremely reliably. Shot counts, operating hours, set-up processes etc. are determined automatically and directly recorded. Due dates for maintenance work are monitored – you receive advance warning in good time.

GMP-compliant documentation
Using a central machine control system, you define only one validated data record per production combination with ALS. The GMP-compliant process documentation is available at virtually no extra cost: from continuous protocolling of process parameters through to seamless batch monitoring.