Multi-component injection moulding

Multi-component injection moulding combines different materials or dyes to produce high-quality plastic parts. This means you can improve the design and function of products, automatically and cost effectively. With us as your partner, everything is possible in terms of process engineering.

The modular ALLROUNDER system allows us to configure cost-effective injection moulding technology as required by each specific application. The spectrum ranges from fully hydraulic ALLROUNDER S machines with hydraulic accumulator technology through to the fully servo-electrically driven ALLDRIVE machine series. Whether horizontally or vertically configured or equipped with a rotary table, all machines can be combined flexibly with a wide variety of injection units and optimally configured according to the relevant application and energy consumption.


  • ARBURG multi-component technology since 1962
  • Numerous process-specific technical details - whether for marbling, sandwich injection moulding, transfer, rotation or turning stack mould technology
  • Greatest possible variety of combination options: up to six independent injection units on a single machine
  • Stable, freely programmable process sequence: all injection units, mould functions and robot functions are combined in a central machine controller

Process technology

Unique know-how
Multi-component technology is extremely diverse: from marbling, interval, sandwich and assembly injection moulding and the core-back process through to transfer, rotation or turning stack mould technology and combinations of this, e.g. with insert or gas injection technology (GIT). We offer you competent consulting.
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Application examples

Lower rack wheels
The new reverse cube system from FOBOHA for ARBURG's ALLROUNDER CUBE increases quality, accelerates cycle times by up to 40% compared to two separate injection moulding machines plus assembly process, and offers enormous savings in terms of costs and installation area.
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Rotary encoder
Three into one: a magnetic disc, carrier plate and protective cap are moulded into a functional rotary encoder using the three-component process. The innovative mould concept and the complex automation solution dispense with joining techniques and downstream assembly.
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Rain/light sensor
Liquid silicone compensates for curvature: thanks to LSR coupling cushions, a rain/light sensor can be optimally attached to a car windscreen. A single process step injects a low-viscosity liquid silicone (5 Shore A) onto a PBT frame, in which the sensors are subsequently inserted.
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Twelve toothbrushes per cycle are produced as a hard/soft combination using the two-component process. The moulded part carriers of the continuously rotating paternoster mould roll from station to station via two servo-electric drives. The cycle time is 20 seconds.