Automation & turnkey

“Smart” production cells

ARBURG will be using sophisticated and “smart” turnkey systems at its Stand 13A13 to demonstrate how complex products can be produced in a fully-automated, ready-for-use, and traceable manner. The products include UVEX sunglasses, components with “intelligent” surfaces, and foamed two-component industrial handles.

The automation ranges from vertical and horizontal MULTILIFT robotic systems to six-axis robots in human/machine cooperation. The MULTILIFT V 30 with a 30 kg will be on display for the first time.


K 2019 stand brochure (PDF - 2.2 MB)

2-component ALLROUNDER 630 A

New MULTILIFT V 30 for 2-component applications
The two-component machine produces two-component handles for ALLROUNDER safety doors. To do this, PCR from household waste is processed in a ProFoam foam injection moulding process, the two halves of the handle are assembled in the mould, and are then overmoulded with a soft TPE component. A new MULTILIFT V 30 with a 30 kg load performs the handling tasks.


“Smart” turnkey system
An electric ALLROUNDER 570 A produces ready-to-use UVEX sunglasses in a cycle time of approx. 45 seconds. Thanks to the fulling and plasticising assistants integrated in the GESTICA control system, the machine “knows” the product and its plasticising unit. The ATCM SCADA system ensures 100% traceability.


Surfaces with touch functions
An encapsulated clean room cell built around an electric ALLROUNDER 470 A uses film insert moulding (FIM) to produce functional night lights with touch surfaces on a fully-automatic basis. The IMSE technology of partner TaktoTek is used in the process. Handling is performed by a six-axis robot.


Overmoulding of inserts
A vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V demonstrates the automated overmoulding of inserts. In a cycle time of 30 seconds, it overmoulds pre-stamped metal pins with PA6 to form plug inserts. These pre-moulded parts are then overmoulded again by partner Plasmatreat with an electric ALLROUNDER 470 A and assembled into hybrid connectors.


Production cell for micro LSR components
A compact production cell built around an electric ALLROUNDER 270 A produces LSR caps for micro switches weighing only 0.009 g. The parts are checked inline and packed in bags. A horizontal MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system performs the handling tasks.