This is ARBURG

Gain an impression of us. Here, you can find images, for example, of our Managing Directors and the plant. You can see how and where we produce our injection moulding technology “Made by ARBURG – Made in Germany” and much more.


The ARBURG success story covers three generations (left to right): Senior partner Eugen Hehl (Consulting), Juliane Hehl (Marketing), Michael Hehl (Spokesperson for the Management Team and Plant Development) and Renate Keinath (Human Resources Management) are committed to the continuation of our traditional family-run business.
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Customers can be secure in the knowledge of receiving the best possible support from ARBURG. This personal atmosphere is based on mutual trust. Managing Directors Jürgen Boll, Guido Frohnhaus and Gerhard Böhm (from left) are responsible for Finance, Controlling, IT, Technology, and Sales and Service.
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An effective support organisation must above all be fast if it is to ensure smooth production and the shortest possible system downtimes. You can rely on us to provide internationally networked, direct support - even for service and spare parts.
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Our injection moulding technology “Made by ARBURG – Made in Germany” is produced exclusively in the ARBURG parent factory in Lossburg today. We manufacture all our own key components ourselves - with an in-house production share of around 60%.
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Local training
ARBURG is continuously expanding its sales and service network. Country-specific training courses at the ARBURG Technology Centers around the world are clearly structured and divided into a number of knowledge levels. Customers thus get to know our products in detail in next to no time.
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Applications technology
Our applications engineers devise customised solutions concepts and specialise in finding the most efficient alternative for the production of your moulded part. We offer extensive know-how from machine and mould technology through to control systems and automation.
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Vocational training
Thinking about tomorrow today: for many years, ARBURG has fulfilled its social responsibility through targeted professional training and has provided this for over 70 years. During this time, nearly 1,800 young people have completed traineeships here.
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In Lossburg, a 2,000 square-metre training centre is available, which uses innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment to communicate the course material, including practical elements, to the trainees. Teamwork is a must at ARBURG.
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Technology Days
The ARBURG Technology Days 2019: Thousands of guests from over 50 countries visited a unique industry event.
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Customer Center
The ARBURG Customer Center in Lossburg offers you a unique range of options on a generous 2,100 m2 of space: over 30 injection moulding machines from every series are permanently available for mould tests, process optimisation and machine comparisons.
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Lossburg parent factory
We manufacture our injection moulding technology “Made by ARBURG – Made in Germany” at the ARBURG parent company in Lossburg. Of a workforce of about 3,600, approximately 3,000 people are employed in Germany. About 600 people work in ARBURG organisations around the world.
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Pivoting clamping unit
The central element of our ALLROUNDER principle is the pivoting clamping unit, which is available with the interchangeable injection unit on the hydraulic ALLROUNDER S injection moulding machines. These features have significantly expanded the potential field of applications – for over 50 years.
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Production efficiency
ARBURG places the topic of production efficiency at the centre of all its activities, taking into account the entire value-added chain. The aim is for our customers to be able to manufacture their plastic products, from one-off parts to high-volume batches, in optimum quality at minimum unit costs.
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A responsible attitude towards the environment and resources is firmly anchored in the philosophy of the owner families and of the company as a whole. High-tech, energy efficient production and administration protect our precious environment.
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Only the best is good enough for us and we place the highest demands on the quality and function of our injection moulding machines. That is why, unusually for this market, we manufacture all our own key components ourselves - with an in-house production share of around 60%.
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