IML thin-walled cups

An ALLROUNDER 720 A in the ULTIMATE+ performance variant produces four thin-walled IML round cups with a wall thickness of just 0.37 millimetres in a cycle time of 3.95 seconds. This resource-conserving application focuses on a material-saving component design and energy efficiency.


Thanks to the all-electric machine working in combination with Injection Compression Moulding (ICM), the energy footprint has improved by 20 percent and the component weight has dropped significantly.

Reliable processing

Offering real added value, the GESTICA assistance functions maximise process reliability and minimise mould wear.

Recycling by type

The IML cup can be recycled by type after use. The special "Next Cycle IML" label can be completely separated from the cup during recycling.

Injection compression-moulded IML thin-walled cups

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An electric ALLROUNDER 720 A in the ULTIMATE+ performance variant achieves very high injection volume flows and injection speeds of up to 400 millimetres per second thanks to the high-precision servo motors from our sister company AMK. The direct-drive machine features a particularly high power density.

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Injection Compression Moulding (ICM)

The Injection Compression Moulding (ICM) process produces the thin-walled IML round cups from PP monomaterial. The process uses much less injection pressure than conventional injection moulding and is able to work with mould temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius instead of 12. In contrast to thermoforming, no pre-produced foils are used and no stamping waste is produced.

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Turnkey system

Integrated into the production cell for the packaging industry is a side-entry robot from Brink that inserts the labels, removes the finished cups and stacks them on a conveyor belt. Four moulded parts, each weighing 12 grams and with a wall thickness of only 0.37 millimetres, are produced in a cycle time of 3.95 seconds.

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Thin-walled parts, IML products, screw caps? Our packaging machines combine FEM-optimised mould mounting platens, precise mould movements, high filling dynamics, short injection times and high plasticising flow rates.

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