Silicone injection moulding

Moulded parts made from liquid silicone (LSR) or solid silicone (HTV) are extremely elastic, odourless and tasteless, chemical, UV, ageing and temperature resistant. Numerous fields of application are opened up for those who have mastered the processing methods. Our systems solutions offer you the best possible basis.

At ARBURG, you get everything from a single source: well-founded process expertise, individually configured electric, hybrid, hydraulic or vertical ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines, including precisely tailored dosage, vacuum and demoulding technology as well as automation. For this purpose, we work closely with the applicable leading manufacturers within the sector.


  • Perfect silicone processing in the smallest quantities: special micro injection module with premixed LSR cartridge
  • Continuous bubble-free feed of HTV with the INJESTER tamping device
  • High processing quality thanks to carefully adapted cylinder modules, such as the automatically closing disc-type non-return valve for LSR
  • Sprueless operation through direct injection by means of a single cold-channel nozzle
  • Reliable evacuation with the machine controller keeps component quality consistently high

Application examples

Micro cap
A compact production cell around an electric ALLROUNDER 270 A manufactures delicate LSR caps for micro switches that are used in the medical technology or automotive industry, for example. The parts, weighing 0.008 g each, go through an inline inspection and are then packed into bags.

LSR lens
An ALLROUNDER 570 A manufactures precise components out of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for LED vehicle headlights. Each component is marked with a DMC code following a visual quality inspection. As a result, important process and quality data can be called up at any time.

Hormone ring
A production cell built around an ALLROUNDER 520 A produces the LSR hormone rings in large unit volumes. As the main contractor, ARBURG bears the complete responsibility. The most stringent requirements with regard to hygiene and product quality must be met during production.
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Coupling cushion
Liquid silicone compensates for curvature: thanks to an LSR coupling cushion, a rain/light sensor can be optimally attached to a car windscreen. A multi-component machine moulds a low-viscosity liquid silicone (5 Shore A) onto a PBT frame, in which the sensors are inserted.
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Flow straightener
An injection moulding system with an electric ALLROUNDER 570 A is used to fully produce, inspect and package a flow straightener made from PBT and LSR for a shower fitting. In order to achieve the hard-soft combination, hot-runner technology is used in the thermoplastic area of the 2+2-cavity mould, while cold-runner technology is used in the LSR part.
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