Clean room technology

Production under controlled particle-free, hygienic conditions is decisive for product quality in many areas. Our combination of precisely configured injection moulding technology and customised clean room concepts enable you to achieve the highest quality standards.

The flexible expansion options offered by modular ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines enable you to exclude sources of contamination and to establish a sufficiently clean production environment. We can offer you detailed advice and, as general contractor, can implement customised production cells, including entire clean room cells.


  • Electric ALLDRIVE series: best possible cleaning conditions according to GMP A and ISO 5 thanks to an stainless steel clamping unit
  • Multi-faceted clean room concepts, ranging from docked machines and ALLROUNDERs which are located completely within a clean room, to customised clean room cells
  • Detailed analyses and mould tests in ARBURG’s own clean room laboratory
  • Extensive qualification documentation Regular qualified re-validation via ARBURG inspection contract

Application examples

Hormone ring
A production cell built around an electric ALLROUNDER 520 A produces the LSR hormone rings in large unit volumes. As the main contractor, ARBURG bears the complete responsibility. The most stringent requirements with regard to hygiene and product quality must be met during production.
to the moulded part

Dental drill
Unlike their metal counterparts, dental drills made from PEEK only remove the carious material. The tiny parts are produced for dental practices as cost-effective “ready-to-use” disposable items in a single step.
to the moulded part

3-way valve
In a large class 8 clean room, ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines produce multi-way valves for intravenous drip therapy. The valve systems are also assembled and packed in their primary packaging. In order to ensure correct operation, extremely stringent tolerances must be adhered to during injection moulding.

Spectacle lenses
A production cell produces optical lenses for spectacles under clean room conditions. A linear MULTILIFT H robotic system is arranged at the rear of the machine. The clamping unit of the machine and the operating area of the robotic system are covered with clean air modules.