Flat dripper

Surely a record-breaker: 64 parts in only 1.68 seconds

The mass production of complex flat drippers for droplet irrigation reveals the potential of individually coordinated high-end technology. By combining the maximum precision of injection moulding machine and mould more than 137,000 parts can be produced per hour.

The basis for the production of flat drippers is an electric injection moulding machine from the high-performance ALLDRIVE series. Significantly more efficient production is facilitated together with mould technology designed for fast cycles: Output is more than 50 percent higher than standard hydraulic technology.


  • Maximum precision: high-end machine precisely coordinated with 64-cavity mould
  • Short cycle time: high-performance hot-runner system, near-contour mould cooling and synchronous ejection
  • Production efficiency: ARBURG experts and cooperation partners optimise the injection moulding process to applications technology consulting

Basic specifications

Flat dripper
Cavities: 64
Part weight: 0.15 g
Material: PE
Cycle time: 1.68 s

Here’s how it works

Synchronous ejection
Fast, reliable ejection is vital in order to reduce cycle times by fractions of a second. The combination of servo-electrically driven clamping unit and ejector allows the perfect coordination of movements. The result: precise and reproducible dropping of moulded parts.
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Reproducibility and short cycles are key when producing the complex mass-produced items. The (freely programmable) SELOGICA control system enables the precise coordination of high-performance drive technology. As a result, the high-speed electric ALLROUNDER 470 A is able to produce 64 flat drippers in only 1.68 s.
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Technical injection moulding
In technical injection moulding, high-precision components can be produced for a wide variety of applications. The mass production of so-called flat drippers for droplet irrigation systems demands maximum precision from both machine and mould. The complex small parts are produced in an extremely short cycle time.
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