The requirement profile of the electronics products is as varied as the sector itself. With our injection moulding solutions, a wide variety of functional items can be produced – from housings with a decorated surface and hybrid connectors through to sensors comprising several components.

Our ALLROUNDER V and T, vertical and rotary table machines, for example, are predestined for these tasks with their ergonomic clamping units and flexible injection unit arrangements. Whether manual or automated insertion and removal or reel-to-reel overmoulding – ARBURG has the suitable production concept and the right contact partner for all applications.


  • Turnkey reel-to-reel systems for inline production of stamped parts
  • Vertical ALLROUNDER V: small footprint and ample free space during insertion and removal
  • Precise and reliable processing of even intricate inserts using servo-electric rotary tables
  • Simple integration into automated production lines
  • High moulded part quality thanks to reproducible injection with position-regulated screw
  • Automated overmoulding of flexible inserts through six-axis robotic system

Application examples

icam connector
Manoeuvring a car into a tight parking spot is often aided by digital cameras (icams). Eight-pin connectors featuring liquid silicone rubber (LSR) seals for protection against spray water and dust provide a reliable connection between the cameras and electronic system.
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Three into one: a magnetic disc, carrier plate and protective cap are moulded into a functional rotary encoder using the three-component process. The innovative mould concept and the complex automation solution dispense with joining techniques and downstream assembly.
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A complex production cell takes over production of a urea sensor. The ALLROUNDER 1200 T rotary table machine enables the simultaneous removal and insertion during injection moulding. A Scara robot provides 14 delicate pins, which are overmoulded in the mould.
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For the automatic overmoulding of inserts, a compact production cell around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V is used. Handling of the flexible cables is performed by a six-axis robotic system. Manual preparation and insertion are rendered superfluous.
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Internal conductors
ARBURG has designed a production cell for the fully automatic volume production of internal conductors for Fakra connectors, overmoulding up to 72,000 pins per day. The associated robotic systems and peripherals are characterised by extremely fast and precise handling of the delicate inserts.
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