Clear concepts for clean products

The medical technology sector requires high standards of reliability, precision and cleanliness. How do I produce high-speed items? Is a docked production cell with encapsulated automation an alternative to a conventional clean room? How do I produce low-cost, disposable, "ready to use" items? Our flexible clean room concepts provide the answer.

Luer connectors

ALLROUNDER MORE produces 2-component parts cost-effectively
ARBURG shows how time and costs can be saved by integrating functions, using Luer connectors for the pharmaceutical industry as an example. The two-component closures are produced by an ALLROUNDER MORE 1600 with a 4+4-cavity mould from Arburg's partner Braunform and handled by a Yaskawa six-axis robot.

Four servo-electric axes from ARBURG's sister company AMKmotion control the internal mould sequences for core-back, lifting the lid, capping the closures and unscrewing the Luer threads. The compact design allows a high number of cavities in a small space. The part weight of the PP and TPE components is only 0.2 and 0.05 grams respectively.
The Yaskawa six-axis robot removes the finished parts and feeds them to a camera inspection before they are deposited separately by mould cavity.

Blood Vials

Medtech Devices Mass-Produced Efficiently
Using the example of blood vials made from transparent, unbreakable PET, ARBURG demonstrates the production-efficient and high-quality manufacture of mass-produced medtech devices. A hybrid Packaging-version ALLROUNDER 630 H with a clamping force of 2300 kN in clean room design is used for this purpose. A clean-air module with ionisation ensures low-particle air in the operating area, while the raised machine base enables optimum cleaning.

The high-performance machine features a 32-cavity mould from ARBURG’s partner, Hack. Its cycle time is around 6.5 s and the shot weight is 227 g. This results in a high throughput of around 27 kg or 17,700 blood vials per hour.

Face masks

From idea to series production in just 41 days
ARBURG has played an active role in the fight against the coronavirus right from the start. The multifunctional face mask is a fantastic example of its commitment to the cause. Through collaboration with partners, the product was developed and made ready for series production in just 41 days. To provide both the wearer of the mask and their surroundings with effective protection against the virus, the next step involved designing and manufacturing a disposable filter for easy attachment to the mask.

The mask itself consists of a soft liquid silicone rubber part which fits over the nose and mouth and a rigid PP shield with loops to which elastic bands are attached. The LSR masks were produced on an electric ALLROUNDER 570 A, the PP shields on an electric ALLROUNDER 520 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC and the PP filter housing on an ALLROUNDER 470 H.

Pipette tip

GMP-compliant mass production
The production of disposable medical items such as pipette tips places high demands, not only in terms of hygiene and product quality, but also on productivity. Through the consistent use and individual adaptation of high-end technology, 50,000 parts per hour can reliably be produced.

Mass production of the pipette tips is based on an electric injection moulding machine from the high-performance ALLDRIVE series. In conjunction with mould technology and automation designed for fast cycles, a turnkey solution is created with which highly efficient production is achieved: 64 parts, which leave the system densely packed in trays of 96 units, are produced in only around 4.7 seconds.


Mass-produced medical technology products
The production of syringe barrels is an example of a high-speed medical technology item. Hybrid injection moulding machines are ideally suited to this purpose because they achieve a high production capacity thanks to the perfect combination of electric and hydraulic machine technology.

These high-speed shots show synchronous ejection, which enables precise dropping of the moulded parts and short cycle times. The servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit of the hybrid ALLROUNDER 470 H is characterised by fast, dynamic mould movements. The hydraulic accumulator technology ensures a high, dynamic injection flow.

Dental drill

Ready-to-use in a single step
Plastic can lend new properties to conventional products. Unlike their metal counterparts, dental drills made from PEEK remove only the carious material. The tiny parts are produced for dental practices as cost-effective “ready-to-use” disposable items in a single step.

Maximum precision is assured by an electric injection moulding machine from the ALLDRIVE series In the docked clean room cell, a six-axis robotic system sets down the dental drills in a cooling station and then positions them correctly for placement in blister packs. These are individually perforated, printed and removed from the cell in units of ten by means of a conveyor belt. No refinishing or sterilisation is required prior to use.
to the moulded part