Webinar: Mould Strategy 2.0

New Ideas for Reducing Costs

Have you ever wondered how you can increase the long-term reliability of your injection molding machines with the right mold strategy and also reduce costs in the process? Then our ARBURG webinar “Mould Strategy 2.0 - New Ideas for Reducing Costs” on November 25, 2022 will be perfect for you.

ARBURG together with BRINK will be sharing the key highlight how you can combine mould protection, preparation and monitoring in a single strategy, thereby increasing your machine’s utilization rate. We will also give you valuable tips and techniques on what you should do during commissioning and set-up to actively counteract mould wear and show you modern options for monitoring your plastic injection moulds.

We gladly invite you to participate in our free English “Mould Strategy 2.0 – New Ideas for Reducing Costs” webinar. Join us and register now by clicking on the registration link below.

Topic: Mould Strategy 2.0 – New Ideas for Reducing Costs

  • Mould Strategy 2.0
  • How to reduce downtime and extend mold life


Date: 25th November 2022


  • 14.00 - 16.00 Thailand/Indonesia/Vietnam time
  • 15.00 - 17.00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time



  • Christoph Blöchle Technical Sales Manager – ARBURG
  • Christian Homp Team Manager Application Engineering - ARBURG
  • Roeland Jansen International Sales – BRINK
  • Betil van de Krol – Mould Service Manager – BRINK


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