Pioneering machine design

Appealing and highly functional

We are successively implementing the pioneering design of our largest ALLROUNDER 1120 H injection moulding machine for other machine sizes. The latest example is the ALLROUNDER 920 H, in which appealing colour and design are combined with high functionality.

Functional extras
The functional extras of our unique "clamp design" include, for example:

  • Even more intuitive and smarter operation with the visionary GESTICA control system
  • Direct display of the operating status via integrated LED light strips on the machine panel
  • The guard around the clamping unit reduces dirt penetration, thus reducing maintenance effort
  • Simplified mould changing without additional interfering edges thanks to linear guidance on the safety doors


Control system converted on a step-by-step basis
We are implementing the change of design and control system step-by-step, playing it safe in the interests of our customers. That's why, in addition to the visionary GESTICA system, we also offer the SELOGICA control system with a control panel similar to GESTICA. This enables you to always fully exploit the potential of your ALLROUNDERs.

Brochure: Hybrid ALLROUNDERs (PDF - 2.3 MB)