Action Plan: Energy

Our Action Plan: Energy places the focus firmly on the topic of energy – not just in connection with the injection moulding machine, but throughout the production process. We do not just analyse the individual steps, we look at the overall picture to help you optimise your production process and in this way significantly lower the costs for your injection moulding production.

Sharing knowledge

To achieve significant energy savings in the production of injection moulded parts, ARBURG offers targeted energy measurements, in-depth advice and comprehensive training programmes.

Saving energy

Existing ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines, no matter the size or series, can be optimised for greater energy efficiency with suitable retrofits.

Smart support

Our digital products and services actively support the operator – including when it comes to energy optimisation.

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Energy advice to make your production more efficient

The energy advice we provide within the framework of a professional action plan is an important part of our ARBURG service portfolio. There is a direct benefit for you, particularly in times of scarce resources and high energy costs: energy measurements at your site and solid advice identify specific areas for action. The subsequent implementation of individual measures in your company, adaptations to the machines, the use of digital features and supplementary training programmes can significantly reduce your energy requirement as well as the costs. The support we provide goes far beyond just machine technology.

Comprehensive energy advice

Would you like to work in an economical way, and at the same time target energy savings? We offer individual energy advice including energy measurements directly at your site. On this basis, we draw up an individual catalogue of measures containing detailed information and concrete recommendations for suitable retrofits and digital solutions as well as regional-specific subsidies.


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In-depth training

Check out our special courses on energy efficiency. In our courses, we show you how to pick the most energy-efficient injection moulding machine, how to determine the specific energy requirement of an ALLROUNDER and how to leverage savings potential in the injection moulding process. On request, we can also offer you practical training directly on your ALLROUNDER machines on site.

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Energy data for certification

For detailed energy data for certification, we offer documented and traceable consumption measurements for new machines. Our offering includes the following: Basic, which measures the energy requirement during operation of ARBURG injection moulding machines and robotic systems; Extended, which records the start-up and cooling phases including peripheral devices; and Complete, which additionally includes the measurement of water and compressed air consumption, flow and cooling capacity.


Upgrades and retrofits

Would you like to optimise the energy efficiency of your existing ALLROUNDER machines? No problem! Existing machines, no matter the size or series, can be optimised for greater energy efficiency with suitable retrofits. Fully insulating the cylinder can, for example, reduce the energy requirement by up to 40%. For many ALLROUNDER machines, there is also the possibility of retrofitting the ARBURG energy saving system AES.

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Digital support

Our digital products and services support you from the beginning. Examples include intuitive assistants in the machine controller, an individually tailored Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for production control or our customer portal arburgXworld. You increase your efficiency and save energy – around the clock.

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