Tension strap

Multi-variant on-demand high-volume production

Industry 4.0 in practice: the example of elastic tension straps illustrates how part variants can be cost-effectively produced in high volumes. Due to the clever product and mould design, a flexible turnkey solution as well as direct process control, the products are produced individually on a shot-to-shot basis.

Length, colour and the ends of the tension strap (hook or eyelet) can be freely selected and configured on a terminal according to customer requirements. The order is then transferred directly to the central SELOGICA control system via the OPC UA communication protocol. A compact turnkey system based around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V injection moulding machine then produces the part variant on demand – without any need for conversion. In industrial practice, such an application is ideal for cable assembly in the automotive industry, for example.


  • Individual production on demand: variant changes from shot-to-shot without any changeover
  • Digital transformation: customer requirements are integrated into the running injection moulding process online
  • Clever product and mould design: combination mould for all fastening variants
  • Flexible six-axis robotic system: automatic cutting to the required strap length
  • Compact turnkey system: automation integrated in the machine installation area

Basic specifications

Tension strap
Cavities: 4
Part weight: 13.5/14 g
Material: PP GF 30
Cycle time: 35


The tension straps are overmoulded on a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V. The four-cavity mould has two cavities each for the hooks and eyelets. This allows hook/hook, hook/eyelet or eyelet/eyelet combinations to be produced. The cavities required in each case are filled via hot-runner nozzles.
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Robotic system
Multi-axis robots offer highly flexible perfection in motion and feature high functionality on a small footprint. With the vertical ALLROUNDER V, the use of a robot makes it possible to enter the mould from the rear. For this purpose, the ends of the strap are placed into the cavities in accordance with the order.
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Process and know-how

Overmoulding of inserts
The tension straps are cut from the roll to the length required by the customer and the ends are spliced by means of a plasma process. The flexible inserts are handled by a six-axis robot that is compactly housed within the machine's installation area.
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The top priority is the common goal of always finding the most cost-effective solution. This calls for interdisciplinary expertise. As a technology and systems partner we cover a particularly broad spectrum and can offer you expert support for the implementation of your requirements.
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Increased variant diversity, shorter product life cycles, more individualisation: the multi-variant high-volume production of tension straps shows how customer requirements can be integrated and cost-effectively implemented on demand. As a technology and system partner we implement pragmatic Industry 4.0 solutions for your digital transformation.
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Variant changes from shot-to-shot without any changeover: the fully automatic assembly and overmoulding of elastic tension straps prototypically demonstrates how different cables can be efficiently produced. The compact turnkey solution produces consistent high quality and simplifies logistics.
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