Screw Caps

72 closures in less than 3 seconds

Multi-cavity moulds that produce large unit volumes in a matter of seconds are the dominant technology when it comes to the production of screw caps. For maximum productivity, system solutions precisely configured to your requirements are required – e.g. high-performance hybrid machines.

The hybrid HIDRIVE-series ALLROUNDERs combine a servo-electric clamping unit with a high-performance hydraulic injection unit, energy-optimised hydraulic accumulator technology and servo-electric dosage. Thanks to their high production capability and short cycle times, they are ideally suited for the production of packaging items.


  • System solution for packaging with 100% quality control
  • Precise, reproducible dropping of moulded parts thanks to synchronised servo-electric ejectors
  • Reliable demoulding of shrunk-on closures thanks to booster function


Brochure: Packaging (PDF - 1,4 MB)

Basic specifications

Screw caps
Cavities: 72
Part weight: 1,6 g
Material: PE-HD
Material throughput: 138,9 kg/h


A hybrid ALLROUNDER 720 H with a clamping force of 3,200 kN has been specially configured for the production of screw caps. For this purpose, the servo-electric ejector has been synchronised with the servo-electric clamping unit, for example. A barrier screw enables high plasticising capacities.
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Packaging technology
When all components fit together perfectly, you can produce high-quality packaging products efficiently. In order to provide an optimum solution for all applications, ARBURG works closely with renowned manufacturers of moulds, automation solutions and peripherals.
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