Internal conductors

Up to 72,000 pins overmoulded fully automatically

ARBURG has designed a production cell for the fully automatic volume production of internal conductors for Fakra connectors, overmoulding up to 72,000 pins per day. The associated robotic systems and peripherals are characterised by extremely fast and precise handling of the delicate inserts.

The production cell is built around a hybrid injection moulding machine whose electric clamping unit permits short cycle times. A vertical robotic system takes delivery of individual batches of 16 pins from two vibrating spiral conveyors. The pins are then inserted into the holes in the gripper insertion module and transported to the mould. Here, the robotic system removes 16 finished parts and simultaneously inserts the pins. The cycle time is only approx. 20 seconds. 


  • Quality in high volumes: production cell with high-performance automation and peripherals can be relied upon to overmould up to 72,000 inserts each day
  • Reliable handling: the delicate pins are positioned by means of a Scara robotic system and precisely inserted into the mould by means of a vertical MULTILIFT V
  • Optical inspection: cameras and photoelectric barriers are used to ensure that the pins are the right length, the nozzle side is free when the mould is opened and all 16 pins are inserted
  • Precise injection: hybrid machine with position-regulated screw and electro-mechanical dosage drive
  • Flexibility: the system can be changed to a product variant with longer pins in just 15 minutes
  • Central monitoring: automation and peripherals integrated in the SELOGICA machine control system

Basic specifications

Internal conductor
Cavities: 16
Part weight: 0,07 g (excluding the pin)
Material: cross-linkable PP
Cycle time: 20 s


A hybrid ALLROUNDER 370 H overmoulds 16 pins in each cycle. The electric clamping unit enables short cycle times. Precise moulding is assured by a position-regulated screw and electro-mechanical dosage drive. A shortened 15 mm screw minimises the material dwell times.
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Robotic system
For handling of the delicate pins, the gripper of the MULTILIFT V vertical robotic system is equipped with 16 contour cavities. This takes the pins from the feeding device and inserts them into the mould. At the same time, it removes 16 finished parts and ejects them according to cavity by means of a tubular distribution system.
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Overmoulding inserts
The overmoulding of delicate metal pins with 0.07 g of plastic requires absolute precision from the injection moulding machine and automation solution. The robotic system and peripherals are integrated in the central SELOGICA control system. Once all pins are positioned in the 16-cavity mould, the control system receives an I/O signal via photoelectric barriers.
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Through the overmoulding of metals with plastics, functional hybrid parts are produced, for example internal conductors for Fakra connectors for motor vehicles. A complex production cell serially produces up to 72,000 finished parts a day - at a consistently high quality level.
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