Intermediate Lever

Using metal powder injection moulding (MIM), you can produce high-strength parts with complex geometries, such as those required for automotive valve actuation systems in engines. The intermediate lever, which is produced fully automatically, is one of the first ever functional MIM components ever to be installed in a combustion engine.

In order to ensure zero faults production, a hydraulic injection moulding machine is connected to the ARBURG host computer system, which monitors and documents all the process parameters. Over a period of seven years, some 40 million parts have been produced without field failures.


  • Powder injection moulding process is completely automated
  • Zero faults production: 40 million parts in seven years, without field failures
  • Stronger than investment casting: MIM component with complex structure used in automotive combustion engines

Basic specifications

Intermediate Lever
Cavities: 4
Part weight: 40 g
Feedstock: Meco 146


The hydraulic ALLROUNDER with a clamping force of 1,000 kN is equipped with a special wear-resistant MIM cylinder module and a position-regulated screw. This enables injection with a high repeat accuracy. Four intermediate levers are produced in a cycle time of 45 seconds.
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Robotic system
The vertically-operating MULTILIFT V robotic system gently removes the sensitive green compacts and sets them down on debinding trays. The three servo-electric axes of the linear robotic system can be synchronised with the machine movements.
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Powder injection moulding
Injection moulding of the intermediate lever is followed by two-stage debinding. For this purpose, polymer in the green compact is first extracted with acetone, followed by thermal residual debinding in the heating up phase during sintering. The final component is stronger and tougher than investment cast parts.
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The powder injection moulded intermediate lever is used in an automotive valve actuation system. It is one of the first ever functional MIM parts used for this purpose in a combustion engine. Zero faults production is ensured through 100% control and process monitoring via the ARBURG host computer system ALS.
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