Controller housing

In order to reduce emissions, Mercedes Benz Cars has developed an innovative technology for diesel vehicles: the BlueTEC pollutant reducing system. A urea sensor ensures the precise dosage of the catalyst fluid in the exhaust gas. The controller housing of the sensor is manufactured on an automated production cell.

The turnkey system built around a vertical ALLROUNDER T rotary table machine is designed for zero-fault production of the controller housing. For this purpose, steps upstream and downstream of the injection moulding process, such as the separation of faulty contacts and inspection of the finished controller housings, are integrated fully automatically.


  • Short cycle times: rotary table machine enables removal and insertion during the injection moulding process
  • High system availability: freedom from burrs and correct bend angle of the contacts is ensured prior to insertion
  • 100% quality: good parts are clearly marked, reject parts reliably separated out and removed
  • Central monitoring: automation and peripherals integrated in the SELOGICA machine control system
  • All from a single source: ARBURG offers a complete production cell, consisting of an injection moulding machine, automation and peripherals

Basic specifications

Controller housing
Cavities: 2
Part weight: 13.8 g
Material: PBT GF 30
Cycle time: 30 s


An ALLROUNDER 1200 T rotary table machine with two mould mounting positions enables operation during the injection moulding process. A cycle time of approx. 30 seconds can thus be achieved. For precise positioning of the delicate inserts, the rotary table is driven servo-electrically.
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Robotic system
Simultaneously with the injection moulding process, 14 contacts are fed in the correct position and inserted in the mould while two finished parts are removed, inspected, marked and set down in trays or separated out and removed. Here, the MULTILIFT V vertical robotic system performs the complete part handling.
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Overmoulding of inserts
Flawless metal/plastic combinations require precise handling of the inserts. The fact that even complex tasks can be implemented cost-effectively thanks to automation is impressively demonstrated by the control housing with its delicate contacts: 100% quality and high degree of autonomy over 8 hours.
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In the case of high unit volumes, the integration of automated upstream and downstream operations pays. The example of the controller housings for urea sensors used in pollution reduction on diesel vehicles clearly shows how the target of “zero-fault production" can be implemented on a turnkey system.
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Through the overmoulding of metals with plastics, functional hybrid parts are produced, for example a housing for electronic modules for use in a motor vehicle. The finished moulded parts are ready for use without any subsequent assembly steps and, furthermore, simplify warehousing and logistics.
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