Particle-free, precision injection moulding

When it comes to high-end applications for the optics sector, part precision, quality and cleanliness of the production environment must be 100% right. Our precisely configured injection moulding technology enables you to achieve the highest quality standards in production.

We can offer you detailed advice and, as general contractor, can implement customised production cells, including entire clean room cells. Our electric ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines from the ALLDRIVE machine series are also used to produce high-end optical parts using the injection compression moulding process.


  • Customised clean room concepts and detailed customer trials at the in-house ARBURG clean room laboratory
  • Enormous freedom in terms of the design of functional optical surfaces
  • Universal injection compression moulding: compression sequences freely programmable via the central SELOGICA control system

Application examples

LED lens
ARBURG participates in the OptiLight research project for the energy-efficient production of innovative hybrid lenses for LED street lights. With the injection compression moulding process, precision free-form surfaces are produced, which deflect the light in a targeted manner, according to a rectangular illumination profile.
to the moulded part

Optical waveguide
The electric injection moulding machines of the ALLDRIVE series are predestined for high-precision optical applications such as the automated production of optical waveguides made from PC. Maximum part quality and precision are required here owing to the surface microstructures, which measure 5 nm.