Efficiency Arena 2017

"Industrie 4.0 – powered by Arburg“

In the Efficiency Arena, ARBURG, together with its partners, will present a number of practical Industry 4.0 solutions.
The example of a "smart luggage tag" will be used to demonstrate the economically efficient production of individualised high-volume parts. The product itself steers a path through spatially distributed production in the "smart factory".


  • "Knowing what counts!": flexible, automated, efficient production of single-unit batches with Industry 4.0 modules from ARBURG
  • Central ARBURG host computer system: all production data is logged and can be traced for every single part
  • IT networking: integration of quality assurance, energy management, material supply and mould temperature control
  • The potential of "smart" products: added value for production and application
  • Competent partners: detailed consulting, e.g. in relation to energy evaluation for ISO 50001, material certification and static process control (SPC)