Micro-injection moulding

Smallest parts pose the greatest demands

Homogeneous melt preparation, short dwell times and operation according to the first-in, first-out principle are key for the quality of micro parts. Our video examples show how the micro injection module and micro injection unit can be used to produce parts smaller than a single grain of granulate, or how to apply micro-structures to surfaces.

Micro counter wheel

Shot weights of a few milligrams
Precision small parts, such as micro counter wheels weighing only 0.004 g, can be produced to a high standard on optimised ARBURG standard machines. A special micro-production cell enables us to offer you an efficient solution for shot weights measured in milligrams.

Dynamic injection using a position-regulated screw, for example, ensures the required precision and compliance with tolerances in the micron range. An electric ALLROUNDER 270 A injection moulding machine is used with a size 5 micro-injection unit. Part handling is via a horizontally-operating MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system.
to the moulded part

Optical waveguide

High-precision microstructures
The electric injection moulding machines of the ALLDRIVE series are predestined for high-precision optical applications such as the automated production of optical waveguides made from PC. Maximum part quality and precision are required here owing to the surface microstructures, which measure 5 nm.

Reliable replication of the microstructures is achieved through a high mould temperature of 120°C. The horizontally-operating MULTILIFT H robotic system gently removes the optical waveguides and transfers them to an optical testing station. All the peripherals are integrated in the SELOGICA control system so that the entire production process can be monitored seamlessly and centrally.