Tyre lever

With the tyre lever bicycle tool, tyres can be quickly and easily detached from the rim. ARBURG has designed a tool of this type – efficiently produced by a cross-linked turnkey system based around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V.

Fully automated

The two halves of the tyre lever are produced ready-to-use. Laser marking and quality control, among other things, are integrated into the fully automated production line.


Automation with no additional floor space: a suspended six-axis robot takes care of the handling.


Each moulded part is marked with a CM code. The ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) SCADA system ensures 100% traceability.

Tyre levers with a "fingerprint"

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ARBURG solutions used


In a cycle time of 45 s, the vertical machine overmoulds inserts with 50% glass fibre-reinforced PA 66/6, a single-grade post-industrial recyclate (PIR).

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Six-axis robot

The space-saving KUKA six-axis robot is integrated into the GESTICA control system. It completes an operating manual and assembles the two-piece tool into a complete tyre lever.

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Recyclate package

The ARBURG recyclate package consists of hardware and software. A modified cylinder module and wear-resistant screw is also suitable for poorly flowing and abrasive materials.

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The ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) records part-specific data from the injection moulding process and combines this with the results of the optical inspection for dimensional stability.

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Do you want to manufacture high-quality products for leisure, sports and garden in large series in a way that is economical, reproducible and traceable? Then you can rely on efficient machine technology and individual turnkey solutions from ARBURG.

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