Performance-dependent lubrication

Maintenance as required

Save working hours and lubricants: With performance-based lubrication, maintenance intervals are no longer simply defined on the basis of operating hours or by the number of cycles, but are calculated individually, depending on the forces, speeds, strokes, and times that have been set.

We use performance-dependent lubrication for the servo axes of our MULTILFT robotic systems and for the toggle-type clamping units of our electric and hybrid ALLROUNDERs. In addition, automatic central oil lubrication and the grease lubrication points, which are centrally located outside the panelling, ensure minimum maintenance requirements for the toggle-type clamping units. Because lubrication can take place during operation without interrupting production, availability also increases.


  • Less frequent lubrication - less maintenance
  • Environmental aspect: reduced lubricant consumption
  • Reduced costs for procuring and disposing of lubricants
  • Especially for toggle-type clamping units: central oil and grease lubrication allows maintenance during operation