Adaptable robotic cell

Flexibly automated production

Our robotic cells are designed for universal use on several machines. You can expand and easily adapt the basic set-up with standardised interfaces in a modular approach. This gives you the freedom to organise individual configurations for the economically efficient automation of even small batches.

Even when you reposition a robot cell, the effort involved remains very low. You just need to release a few interfaces and the automated system can be moved to the next location. Since the reference points within the cell do not change, you only need to re-set the entry into the mould.


  • Maximum flexibility in use: automation is no longer confined to a particular machine
  • Robot cells can be configured and arranged almost arbitrarily
  • The robot cells can be easily re-equipped at any time
  • Minimum set-up effort: few interfaces between machine and robotic cell and standardised, easily changed grippers
  • Independent programming of robot sequences via the SELOGICA or GESTICA user interface and fast set-up programmable and modifiable