"Smarte Bratwurst"

A trainee project 2016

A trainee project based on Industry 4.0
"Smarte Bratwurst" (Smart Sausages) was the title of the much-praised trainee project at the ARBURG Technology Days 2016: the 8-strong team designed a grill station that would cook sausages automatically in a continuous process. The key feature: ARBURG technology is used throughout the station.

A THERMOLIFT dryer brings the pre-cooked sausages to the right temperature. After they are inserted into a special mounting, the sausages are grilled to perfection in an original injection moulding cylinder module. Subsequent handling - preparation of the paper plate, placement of the sausage and retraction of the mountings - is provided by two INTEGRALPICKER V devices. The trainees produced the control cabinet for the controller (PLC) of the grilling station and all the mechanical parts themselves and were even responsible for the installation and for building the safety enclosure.