GESTICA wows at Interplas

Intuitive touch screen puts you in total control

ARBURG’s intelligent GESTICA control was on public display in the UK for the first time at Interplas 2021. The new, ergonomically designed control module has a host of features that allows users to explore, measure and control settings to produce the perfect moulded parts.

It has graphical sequence programming with a plausibility check to clearly show the position of the current programming step, so the operator can see what stage he or she is at. The control panel is designed with a 20° angle of inclination and 270° pivot on an extendable arm, so the operator can work right alongside the mould chamber and at different heights, reducing fatigue. ARBURG likens GESTICA to the “command bridge on a spaceship”, giving the user central and real-time control of the entire production and accessing settings that were unavailable on other, earlier control modules.

Total control and deeper, algorithmic processing
GESTICA deploys intelligent algorithms, authored in-house at ARBURG, to analyse data about components, robotic systems and peripheral devices integrated with the moulding machine. Because of this holistic control, the operator is free to focus on setting up the machine and optimising the process, knowing that GESTICA is running the wider production system. Integrated assistance functions in GESTICA support the user actively, prompting information about the job that may be useful.

Haptic buttons and touchscreen eases navigation
The slick screen uses haptical (touch sensitive), translucent push buttons and an intuitive touch zone, called Easyslider, that works on a similar “swipe” principle to a tablet, allowing the operator to handle the machine effortlessly and even without visual control. This interface was designed to ease navigation and create higher process stability, and future-proof the GESTICA control. The entire GESTICA module – the software, hardware and housing – is designed, programmed and produced by ARBURG in-house, making it more reliable for operating ARBURG machines. It is also built with a dust-, splash- and shock-proof housing.

Visitors to ARBURG’s eye-catching, multi-featured stand at Interplas were impressed by their first look at GESTICA as well as the brand news stand’s other features.

Managing director of ARBURG Ltd. Colin Tirel said, “I am extremely pleased with the number and quality of our visitors to Interplas. It reaffirms our commitment to supporting the industry by taking the stand at Interplas with the full support of our parent company. It was good to display the GESTICA touch-screen control for the first time in the UK and it received a lot of interest.”

GESTICA: explainer videos and arburgXworld feature
Further explanation of GESTICA’s benefits, by ARBURG’s Director of Development Werner Faulhaber, is on this explainer video (the interview is in German, but the commentary is in English).
PLEASE NOTE: GESTICA was also the main topic of the last "arburgXvision" broadcast. You can watch the whole programme in the media library at