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arburgXvision: just another digital format in these coronavirus times? Absolutely not. Our internet TV series is so much more than that! This is proven by the 'best of' videos that we publish shortly after each episode. The videos show episode highlights and let viewers look behind the scenes.

Fresh new slant on the digital format
Every last Thursday of the month, ARBURG experts take you on a journey through the world of plastics processing, always presenting a fascinating new topic in a live, interactive, professional and entertaining format. But theory is not enough for us, which is why every episode features live links to Lossburg or to customers, so that you can experience the practical side first-hand. Check out our internet TV format for yourself and watch the best bits of every single episode. Have fun!

Best of episode 8

The eighth ARBURG programme this year was all about the GESTICA control system and how it makes even complex machines and processes easy to handle.
ARBURG experts Jürgen Peters, Head of Software Development, and Miriam Lauble, Technical Sales Manager, provided an overview of the innovative features of GESTICA, the control system “Made by ARBURG”.

Best of episode 7

The title of the seventh episode of “arburgXvision” on 29 July 2021 was: “The perfect service – quick help when it counts”. Confident and to the point – viewers were in capable hands as the Arburg experts, Lars Langner, Director of Service, and Uwe Klumpp, Head of Product Training, explained everything you need to know about service in this interactive, online TV episode.

Best of episode 6

The title of the sixth episode is: “All things digital! arburgXworld in detail”. ARBURG experts Benjamin Franz, Team Manager Digital Solutions, and Stephan Reich, Head of IT Application Development, will introduce you to our arburgXworld customer portal and show you the added value that a digital customer service can provide along your entire value chain.

Best of episode 5

Savings through hidden benefits! Savings – there's still room for improvement
Is it possible to constantly improve efficiency? Absolutely! Our experts, Dr Thomas Walther and Christoph Kiefer, show how you can get more out of your production through the perfect interaction of technology and digitalisation.

Best of episode 4

By professionals for professionals! Turnkey means: quality from a single source
What sets ARBURG apart as a primary contractor for turnkey systems? Find out from experts Andreas Reich and Bernd Eble. They will give you valuable ideas and inspiration about automation and CUBE technology. So that you can make full use of your production potential.

Best of episode 3

Game without limits! Additive manufacturing pushes boundaries
Get important insights from APF experts Martin Neff and Lukas Pawelczyk, on how additive manufacturing accelerates the production process and pushes boundaries.

Best of episode 2

Producing plastic parts – (almost) without limits! Machine utilisation around the clock
ARBURG divisional managers, Oliver Giesen and Werner Faulhaber, examine practical aspects of production-efficient machine utilisation and increasing machine availability.

Best of episode 1

0 ppm production of plastic parts! Flawless production line
For the first arburgXvision broadcast, ARBURG Managing Directors, Gerhard Böhm and Guido Frohnhaus, were guests in ARBURG's own television studio and provided important insights into quality.

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