Explainer video: Planetary roller screw drive

Quick, clear, and convincing

In our new three-minute video, ARBURG expert, Ralf Jehle, Machine Design, quickly and clearly explains all there is to know about the unique planetary roller screw drive from ARBURG. And this is precisely the aim of the ARBURG explainer videos. Viewers should have fun immersing themselves in a wide range of topics with the ARBURG experts and getting a lightning tour of each subject.

Episode 4: Planetary roller screw drive
In the latest episode of the explainer video series, Ralf Jehle describes exactly what a planetary roller screw drive is and the benefits it offers: double power density, high operational safety, long service life, and much more besides. There is also a five-year warranty on the planetary roller screw drives, which ARBURG develops and builds itself. To make the subject even easier to understand, what we call a beacon provides additional graphic information.

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