Successful debut with CDP score

Certified sustainability

Now we have it in black and white. The category “B” score from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) officially confirms that ARBURG performs better than average in the areas of climate protection, ecology, and CO2 emissions compared with other industry players. Alongside the recently published Sustainability Report, the score is an important component of the arburgGREENworld programme.

Successful debut
“This is the first time that ARBURG has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project and we are more than happy with the result,” said Bertram Stern, Sustainability Manager at ARBURG, explaining that the score confirmed that the company was doing very well with its activities in terms of sustainability and environmental protection – topics that had played an important role throughout the company for decades –while also showing that there was potential for further improvement in this respect.

Measures in place, strategies to be further developed
A “Management Level B” score means that ARBURG has implemented coordinated measures on climate issues and is continuing to develop its own strategies in this regard. This puts the company higher than the European corporate average (C Level) and the mechanical engineering average (D Level).

Aim: keep getting better
With regard to the goals resulting from ARBURG's CDP score, Bertram Stern commented: “We will remain at Management Level B in 2021 and, where possible, develop further. We will try to further reduce any emissions that we can directly influence and to integrate a sustainability strategy into our supply chain management that is specifically geared towards our suppliers.”

CDP: Global data on climate change, water, and forests
The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international non-profit organisation founded in London in 2000, collects and publishes global environmental data from companies and institutions on the three topics of climate change, water and forests.