ARBURG premier the freeformer in Ireland!

Twenty eight companies attended the launch

On Wednesday 5th September 2018, ARBURG launched the ARBURG freeformer to an expectant audience made up a wide cross section of the market including; universities, rapid prototyping & injection moulding, material suppliers and pharmaceutical companies.

Practical demonstration
Following the opening remarks, the audience were given a practical demonstration of how quick and easy the freeformer was to put into production by Martin Neff from ARBURG’s plastic freeforming department. The machine was put into production producing a resorbable infant’s face mask in an FDA approved Medallist TPE with a shore hardness of 30 A. The part was completed and removed for all to see at the first coffee break. Martin explained the concept of the freeformer operation and then went onto outline a number of examples of applications in various market sectors. A second component was produced in the afternoon for the delegates. A number of operational features were discussed during the presentation including a new component being pretested for production via the latest slicing software, using standard granulate and the fact that the operating system is an open system, giving the technician a full range of possibilities as in the case of an injection moulding machine.

freeformer user’s experience
Martin’s presentation was followed by Dr Peter Boyd from Queens University who outlined their experience of the freeformer from the point of view of a user. He detailed the various drug delivery research applications that their research work has been focused on. He also went on to illustrate a diverse spectrum of materials that they have processed with their freeformer, this was over and above those contained in the technical specification sheet.

Additive manufacturing experience in medical design

After lunch the delegates were given a presentation on the expertise of AIT in the field of additive manufacturing and some examples of application case studies that they had been involved in. The day’s presentations were concluded with a presentation from Teleflex Medical on the utilisation of additive manufacturing in medical device design.
to additive manufacturing
Pesentations, photographs and vdeos from the freeformer launch day