Six-axis robots

Target groups Target groups

Programmers of six-axis robots with SELOGICA direct or GESTICA user interface

Dates Dates

30.-31.01.2024 (SELOGICA control system)
29.01.-02.02.2024 (SELOGICA control system)
26.02.-01.03.2024 (GESTICA control system)
08.-12.04.2024 (SELOGICA control system)
15.-19.04.2024 (SELOGICA control system)
22.-26.04.2024 (SELOGICA control system)
13.-17.05.2024 (GESTICA control system)
03.-07.06.2024 (SELOGICA control system)
10.-14.06.2024 (GESTICA control system)
17.-21.06.2024 (GESTICA control system)

Training course topics

  • Six-axis robot
  • Technical data, Kuka Control Panel, safety circuits
  • Movement types for the six-axis robot
  • Creating teach points
  • Home position, programming various removal processes, set-down sequences and pattern placements
  • Creating a complete production sequence
  • Monitoring functions, working area monitoring

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