Target groups Target groups

Machine operators, machine programmers, employees working in the design of prototypes

Dates Dates

23.-25.05.2023 (freeformer 200-3X)
13.-15.06.2023 (freeformer 300-3X)
11.-13.07.2023 (freeformer 300-3X)
19.-21.09.2023 (freeformer 200-3X)
26.-28.09.2023 (freeformer 300-3X)
24.-26.10.2023 (freeformer 200-3X)
21.-23.11.2023 (freeformer 300-3X)
06.-08.12.2023 (freeformer 200-3X)

Training course topics

  • General machine and process description
  • freeformer control system
  • Operating ARBURG freeformer software
  • Preparing 3D data
  • Working with the freeformer, practical exercises
  • Maintaining the freeformer

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