Sustainability Report 2021

In its Sustainability Report 2021, ARBURG shares again with the world its plans and practices for long-term sustainability in all relevant areas. Extensive fascinating background information, facts, figures and data can be accessed up online at any time in an interactive PDF.

ARBURG demonstrates responsibility

The Sustainability Report is a building block in the arburgGREENworld program, with which the company has defined sustainability through resource efficiency and the circular economy as an important goal. All backed by the tradition of conscious awareness of the need for sustainability. Back in 2012, Arburg became one of the very first companies ever to be awarded triple certification for quality, environment and energy. Not only that, but for decades the company has viewed the need for environmental protection, conservation of resources and efficiency as an obligation and as an incentive. This is expressed, for instance, in energy-efficient construction and sustainable manufacturing processes. Other contributing factors include central production at a location with a high proportion of in-house manufacturing and short supply routes, production-efficient machine technology, as well as the digital products and service of the arburgXworld program.

Impressive figures also demonstrate how ARBURG has implemented sustainability across the entire company:

  • 90 % of all waste generated in 2020 was recycled.
  • 16 % of the company's entire water consumption comes from rain water collected in a number of cisterns.
  • 1.9 million kWh of solar energy were generated through photovoltaics and used in-house by ARBURG in 2020. This corresponds to the energy needs of over 500 four-person households.
  • 1.3 million kWh of wind energy were generated in 2020. This corresponds to the energy needs of over 340 four-person households.
  • Over 90 million Kg of carbon emissions were saved between 2010 and 2020.


The basis for data collection is the state of Baden-Württemberg's "WIN-Charta" sustainability management system, which also includes a voluntary commitment to sustainability – as a clear acknowledgement by companies of their economic, ecological and social responsibility. The WIN-Charta consists of twelve statements, covering, amongst other topics, human and employee rights, employee well-being, resources, energy and emissions, product responsibility and anti-corruption. It plays a key role in the added value that a company such as ARBURG can create for a region.

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