More donations for Ukraine projects

ARBURG donates to Ukraine: In order to help those affected by the war on as many levels as possible, ARBURG's Managing Partners divided the generous donation of 400,000 euros between two organisations. "Doctors Without Borders" and SOS Children's Villages each received 200,000 euros for their humanitarian and medical aid activities in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Supporting those in need is of great importance to ARBURG

For ARBURG and its Partners, people are paramount, and supporting those in need has always been at the core of this family-owned company's philosophy. Consequently, a company-wide fundraising campaign for the district of Freudenstadt's Ukraine aid programme was initiated back in April. As part of this, staff donated 50,000 euros, and the Partners then increased the sum to a total of 150,000 euros.

SOS Children's Villages helps children and families

SOS Children's Villages' project "Ukraine: Humanitarian Aid for Children and Families" started immediately after the outbreak of war. In addition to acute emergency aid, affected families also receive long-term support. Activities include transportation to safe areas, accommodation in rented shelters or in SOS Children's Villages facilities in neighbouring countries, procurement of food, hygiene items and blankets, and medical assistance and psychosocial support.

"Doctors without Borders": Medical and humanitarian aid

"Doctors without Borders" work to save lives in over 70 countries. Here, too, the donation is specifically related to the war in Ukraine. Activities are multi-layered: In addition to delivering medical and humanitarian aid, the staff of Ukrainian hospitals are trained, and injured people are treated in mobile clinics or evacuated on a train that has been converted for medical purposes. Refugees in border areas are also cared for.

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